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To avoid duplicate questions, and to help people find those questions they are interested in, this page has been created with only the questions in the order they appear.  Please see Questions/RepliesPosts for the questions with answers.

1.  How can individuals let other Catholics know that the Catechism exists, and was written for their instruction in the Faith?

2.  What is the difference between a Catholic Heretic, a Catholic Schismatic, and sinful Ignorance?

3.  What links do you recommend for the Code of Canon Law, Liturgy of the Mass, searching Bible verses, and Litergy of the Hours?

4.  What does the Church consider “Scandal” and is it a mortal sin?

5.  Can we be responsible for the sins of others, and does this require going to Confession with a firm purpose of amendment not to commit the sin again?

6.  Is there a conflict in the Church’s teachings on Social Justice, Solidarity, Subsidiarity, Commutative Justice, the Commandment to Love our Neighbor, the Commandment not to covet our neighbor’s goods ?  Please define Commutative Justice.

7.  Can women become Priests or Deacons ?

8.  I have been divorced and remarried, and would like to come back to the Catholic Church, is this possible since the Church is against divorce with remarriage ?

9.  Is the Catholic Church unfair to homosexuals?  What does the Church teach?  Why does it oppose gay-marriage?  Can homosexuals get to heaven?

10.  What Bible do you recommend?

11.  Why are Priests celibate?

12.  Please explain Purgatory.  Where did this teaching come from?  Is it supported in the Bible?

13.  Are Catholics required to vote regardless of personal preference ?

14.  Exactly what is our obligation to the Poor?  Who are the poor?  Can we choose the charities we donate to?   What are your recommendations if any ?

15.  What does the Church teach about abortion?   What if the mother’s life depends upon it?

16.  What does the Church teach about the death penalty, since I have heard conflicting statements ?

17.   Are there more than one Catechisms of the Catholic Church?    What about all the other catechisms out there ?   Is it difficult to read and understand?   Where can I purchase one ?

18.   Who is required to teach children their Faith?   Who is required to teach Adults their Faith ?   Is this all done through the local Parish ?

19.   If only God can forgive sins, why do Catholics go to Confession to a Priest ?

20.   Is the condition on the Baptism of the Children and formation as Catholic discriminatory and unfair for the non-catholic or non-baptized?

21.   I’m confused about how Catholics are to handle changes in the Church’s Magisterium. Here’s an example: in 1832, Gregory XVI condemned the “madness that everyone is entitled to freedom of conscience,” and in 1864 Pius IX condemned the idea that it was no longer expedient for the state to proclaim Catholicism  as the only religion of the State, while excluding all other forms of worship, and condemned also the idea of freedom of worship. Somewhat more than a century later the Pope declared that “every  human being has the right to honor God according to the dictates of an upright conscience, and therefore the right to profess his religion in private and public,” a view presently confirmed by Vatican II’s “Declaration on Religious Liberty.” Who is correct? The popes of the nineteenth century, or those of the twentieth? Would it have been heterodox  to believe in 1900 that excluding religions, other than Catholicism, was wrong, despite what the popes taught? And is it heterodox today to believe what the 19th century popes, despite what the popes (and the Council) now teach?  Surely we can’t believe Gregory XVI and Pius IX as well as John XXIII and John Paul II, since they appear to contradict one another.

22.  What is the difference between a “grave sin” and a “mortal sin” in the CCC ?

23.  What does the Catholic Church teach about voluntary euthanasia ?

24.  Is “Divine Mercy Sunday” doctrine?